All offshore activities are supported by our skilled personnel to ensure that logistics aspects of the work are carried out safely and according to the Client specifications. The quality of our services can be estimated also through the high quality as-built documentation which we submit promptly according to the Client specification.

We excel in positioning and navigation services for lay barges during pipe/cable lay operations and our services also include AHT management


Offshore construction support covers the entire range of marine installation and construction processes and includes:

  • Platform positioning

  • Pipe-lay / cable lay support and touchdown monitoring;

  • As-laid surveys with free span identification;

  • Trenching support for pipes and cable burial;

  • Pipelines and cables depth of burial surveys;

  • Reference networks through the determination of reference geodetic points onshore and offshore with traditional or satellite technology

  • Differential GPS Surveys (DGPS) and Kinematic (RTK), with real time accuracy down to the centimetre

  • Rig Positioning

  • Positioning for Jacket and topside installation

  • Positioning for Subsea structure installation

  • Underwater Acoustic Positioning and Metrology

  • ROV Positioning (i.e. pipeline touch down monitoring)

  • Out of Straightness survey

  • Objects location

  • Remote AHT Positioning